Independent Booking Agency specialized for underground bands and venues.

Upcoming shows:

BrandEvolve Bookings

From this year BrandEvolve is completely focussing on helping underground and semi-professional bands to get on stage. Submit your band in our contactform or send an email.

Want to see one of our bands live? Check our agenda. And get your tickets directly here at our shop

How we seperate us from the rest

Complete packages

We always make complete packages for every show. Thanks to our expanding bandlist we always have local bands to support every show.

Various genres

Though it may seem that we focus more on metal bands, we also have various other bands: Hardrock, bluesrock, poppunk, alternative rock.

Direct network

With a lot of venues we have a direct network to get shows booked at these places. Through a good relationship with venues we always can find a date for your band


As some venues don’t sell tickets online, we take over. Here, at this website, we are able to sell tickets online, from which we are able to pay out de fees for bands

Show promotion

We are able to design show posters and videos to promote the shows we have booked. That way you don’t have to invest time to do this work.

No more hassle

For you as venue, we are able to do all musical bookings. So you and your team can focus on all other things necessary at the venue/bar. But you know there will enough events going to happen.

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