Business services

How can we assist you in creating a better online presence? Content creation, webdesign, SEO, video-production or something else. Let us know.

We help starting businesses

Starting a business can be overwelming, if we knew someone who could have us to create a website or designs for our marketing, we would have been further along. Yet, we couldn’t find someone, especially with our budget in mind. We are here now to fill that gap. Get what you need for less of the normal price (asked by bigger companies).

How can we help?

Do you have a website online, but need pages optimized for search engines? We have the expertise to get this done right. Customized meta-data, keywords implemented for your page.

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Do you want to be found on certain keywords, but don’t know how to do this or do you simply don’t have the time? We are here to help. Blog-posts, video-posts, product descriptions or whole pages.

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Through trail and error we now posses the skills to create the website that you need. Though we are limited to using WordPress, we are still able to make wonderful websites tailored to your needs.

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Do you need a beautiful app to go along with your business. A mobile webshop for example? We got what it takes.

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Online advertising

Need a little boost in traffic? Set up an advertisment. This can be done on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Instagram. Let us know what you need.

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Promotional designs

Do you want to publish promotional designs for your product or service? Like social media post, e-book, poster or something else. We have published many promotional designs for many projects.

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Where we have helped before

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Lyrical Video

Music Release

Livestream production

And many, many more