Left Alive at Proving Grounds Aftermath

Left Alive

At Proving Grounds Aftermath

Danceable, fast-paced and super energetic: Left Alive play pop punk from the heart. The quintet combine catchy riffs like those of Neck Deep with the powerful vocals of bands like Paramore.

They first hit the stage at the end of 2015 and have since blown away many a venue and festival with their live performance. Left Alive have provided a glimpse of what to expect on stage with their music video’s: an enormous amount of energy that will get you to jump, dance, scream and sing along!

After joining 3FM Radio show: ‘Ga Gek voor je Track’, hosted by Frank van der Lende in may 2019, they launched their new single ‘LIARS’. The song was well received by 3FM DJ’s and their listeners.

In October 2020 Left Alive released their latest single ‘Keep Reaching’ accompanied by a home-recorded videoclip which can be viewed on YouTube.

Left Alive Live at Proving Grounds 2

Metal/Rock dates on Proving Grounds Aftermath

Left Alive​ Live at Proving Grounds 2