Proving Grounds Aftermath

Proving Grounds Aftermath

In collaberation with Proving Broadcast, from the livestream festival Proving Grounds: The Biggest Livestream Festival Ever, we are launching “Proving Grounds: Aftermath”. A dutch Club Tour with 12 bands from the festival.

After the livestream festival we had a talk with Astrant to book four nights in the venue, after agreement we pitched the idea to other venues in the Netherlands. A lot of them were excited by the pitch and offered nights as well. Now we are already over 26 nights with this line-up and more will follow soon too. Follow our socials to stay updated on new nights.


Tickets on sale now

Tickets are available here online (€7 exc taxes)! Press the button below. Ofcourse there are tickets available at the door (€10). 

From 5 tickets there will be a discounted price. You can add as many tickets as you want: For you and your friend and for more shows. Pick whatever you like!