Rising Revolution

At Proving Grounds Aftermath

Rising Revolution is a melodic-metal band formed in 2015 in Gouda, the Netherlands. The band consists of 4 members: Sander Boxtart ~ Lead guitar and vocals Joris Sirre ~ Lead guitar and backing vocals Thom Bakker ~ Bass Ernst Dekker ~ Drums

The band started as a trio consisting of Boxtart, Sirre and Dekker. Their early music was primarily influenced by hard rock and punk. Later, the band switched roles and started playing more heavy. Their sound changed, and so did they. So the three decided to expand their horizons and registered at the “Goudse Popschool”, a music school based in Reeuwijk, the Netherlands. The band was accepted and they got 1 other member: Thom Bakker (bass). They soon started writing their first single: “Call of the Void”; a song based around the psychological phenomenon called “l’appel du vide”. Now, the band is working hard on new material and are preparing themselves to write an album.

Rising Revolution Live at Proving Grounds 2

Metal Line-Up dates on Proving Grounds Aftermath

4 November – dB’s Utrecht (with Lineal i/o Raven Called Sin)

27 November – Astrant Ede

11 December – De Roos Deurne

23 December – Wibar Leiden (with Spectrüm i/0 Rising Revolution)

15 Januari – Fort 33 Leusden (with Spectrüm i/o Rising Revolution)

28 Januari – Studio Gonz Gouda

Poster Metal Line-up of Proving Grounds Aftermath, with Ann My Dice, Raven Called Sin, Rising Revolution and Lineal
Rising Revolution Live at Proving Grounds 2