Raven Called Sin

At Proving Grounds Aftermath

“And God made Eve from the rib of Adam. And Eve was weak and loosed the Raven on the world. And the Raven was called Sin.” (Carrie-1976). Raven Called Sin expresses the sins of humanity in the current society of this world. The lyrics of front man Dylan Lammens reflect the painful truth like a mirror on our society. Not only the lyrics, but also the music will grab the listener by the throat. They create a wall of sound with their professional production, staccato grooves and progressive drum beats. On top of that they unleash sizzling guitar melodies, growling bass riffs and antagonized vocals. Inspiration is taken from bands as Born of Osiris, Monuments, Periphery, Architects and Volumes. Dutch Djent!

Raven Called Sin Live at Proving Grounds 2

Metal dates on Proving Grounds Aftermath

4 November – dB’s Utrecht (with Lineal i/o Raven Called Sin)

27 November – Astrant Ede

11 December – De Roos Deurne

23 December – Wibar Leiden (with Spectrüm i/0 Rising Revolution)

15 Januari – Fort 33 Leusden (with Spectrüm i/o Rising Revolution)

28 Januari – Studio Gonz Gouda

Poster Metal Line-up of Proving Grounds Aftermath, with Ann My Dice, Raven Called Sin, Rising Revolution and Lineal
Raven Called Sin Live at Proving Grounds 2