At Proving Grounds Aftermath

What do you get when you combine 40 years of rock styles and influences like grunge, post-grunge, hardrock, metal and progressive rock into one awesome, jaw dropping, all-encompassing band?
You get LINEAL. That brings you authentic, unapologetic rock directly into your eardrums.
Formed in the beginning of 2020, the band focused on their songwriting and together discovering the sound they want to produce. Now, the end of Corona, ushers in a new chapter for the quartet when they play live for the first time.
Lineal Live at Proving Grounds 2

Metal Line-Up dates on Proving Grounds Aftermath

4 November – dB’s Utrecht (with Lineal i/o Raven Called Sin)

27 November – Astrant Ede

11 December – De Roos Deurne

23 December – Wibar Leiden (with Spectrüm i/0 Rising Revolution)

15 Januari – Fort 33 Leusden (with Spectrüm i/o Rising Revolution)

28 Januari – Studio Gonz Gouda

Poster Metal Line-up of Proving Grounds Aftermath, with Ann My Dice, Raven Called Sin, Rising Revolution, Lineal and Spectrüm
Lineal Live at Proving Grounds 2