At Proving Grounds Aftermath

Ever since their establishment, Crazed has approached heavy music differently. Taking influences from the late 90’s and the early 00’s, their music can best be described as: Chaotic, melodic, pounding and yet quite catchy. Though founded in 2012, it wasn’t until 2018 that Crazed seriously converged upon the scene. Debut record ”Game Over” was released through Profane Records on April 25 in 2020. It was recorded at studio Firmpro with Florian van Tuil and produced together with guitarist Geno Ramdaras. Game Over gained favorable reviews upon it’s release. Critics praised the effort for it’s chaos, modern songwriting and despite being rough around the edges, named the record one thing. FUN!

Crazed Live at Proving Grounds 2

Hardcore Punk dates on Proving Grounds Aftermath

13 November – De Roos Deurne

8 Januari – Willemeen Arnhem

27 Januari – Wibar Leiden

12 Februari – Studio Gonz Gouda (With Salvage i/o Kelsey)

Poster Hardcore Punk Line-up of Proving Grounds Aftermath, with Kelsey, Crazed, Tigerknife and Salvage
Crazed Live at Proving Grounds 2