Artist services

We offer a wide range of services. How can we help you get where you need to go. May that be with our network or technical services? We got what it takes

We help starting artists

Whether you need music released, a video made or you want to play some shows. We are there to help.

We have recourses and experience to help you create what you want. 

How can we help?

We have a network here in the Netherlands with cool places where you might be able to play.

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Do you need some graphical visualisations? A promotion video, lyrical video, artwork or something else.

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Want to shoot a video? We have done a lot over the years with vide productions. We can even set up a professional livestream if you like.

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Need some assistance to release your music? Mixing and mastering or even a whole recording? We got the resources to help you out.

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Web development

Need a good site for your band or brand? We have set up a good amount of website already, so we can surely help you out.

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Brand strategy

Not sure where you need to go next? Which steps you need to take and set your piorities. We can help you out to set everything back in order.

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Where we have helped before

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Lyrical Video

Music Release

Livestream production