Proving Grounds Aftermath

Proving Grounds Aftermath

In collaberation with Proving Broadcast, from the livestream festival Proving Grounds: The Biggest Livestream Festival Ever, we are launching “Proving Grounds: Aftermath”. A dutch Club Tour with 12 bands from the festival.

After the livestream festival we had a talk with Astrant to book four nights in the venue, after agreement we pitched the idea to other venues in the Netherlands. A lot of them were excited by the pitch and offered nights as well. Now we are already over 20 nights with this line-up and more will follow soon too. Follow our socials to stay updated on new nights.


Tickets on sale 24 july

We offer three types of tickets for these events:

  • Online single night
  • Door ticket
  • Multiticket

Online single tickets are €7,50 (exc fees) and can be used once for the show you picked. Door tickets are €10 (exc fees) and is also only usable for that show.

Multitickets however are usable for more nights, you still have to select the nights you want to visit as we have to track the capacity. But, the tickets are cheaper this way: €5,00 (exc fees).




David Rooker